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Roast dishes

There is something mystical in fire and roast food, something ancient, primitive, from those times when men hunted for mammoths and their faithful wives in elegant skins were waiting in caves for them to roast shashlik (shish kebab). It was the first culinary dish in human history…

Dishes cooked in tandoor

Tandoor is a stove-brazier for cooking food in Asia. Bread baked in tandoor is very famous. It is famed for its unsurpassed taste. Think of lavash and samosa! Not everyone knows that meat and vegetables as well as other more difficult dishes can be baked in tandoor. Everyone who once tried tandoor kebab refuses to roast it in barbecue.
Dishes cooked in tandoor have perfect gustatory qualities and they are worth to be tasted!

Lula kebab

Lula kebab is an Eastern dish which looks like a long cutlet fried on a skewer. It is cooked of mutton ground with onion (without bread and eggs). As a rule it is served with lavash. Lula kebab is a decoration of Armenian, Georgian, Abkhazian, Azerbaijani and other cuisines.