Cheese and other dairy products

“Chanakh” cheese

“Chanakh” cheese is a typical kind of cheese soaked in pots “chans” filled up with pickle. It is spicy, salt, solid and brittle a little.

100 g

“Lori” cheese

This kind of rennet cheese is produced of natural pasteurized milk. Its consistence is soft and gentle.

100 g

“Yegegnadzor” cheese (“Zhazhyk”)

100 g

Sheep cheese

Bryndza cheese (sheep's milk cheese)

Suluguni cheese

A kind of salty cheese (like bryndza)

“White braid” cheese

Armenian okroshka

Ukrainian okroshka

Cold soup with chopped vegetables and meat

30,00 грн

Beetroot soup

Home-made matsoni

Fermented milk product; very similar to yogurt

Home-made baked milk