Kebab and wine shop (delivery around Kharkov)

We cook the realest Armenian kebab. Also we offer a wide variety of wine delivered from Armenia.

Armenia is famous not only for its ancient history but for its famous dishes. The Armenian kebab and the Armenian wine can be really referred to the greatest human creation in the world. The Armenian kebab is considered to be one of the most delicious dishes in the world. Its fascination and palate fullness will be stronger in combination with real Armenian wine.

When you hear the words “Armenian wine” you imagine a sunlit valley edged with high steep mountains where under the wonderful sun of ancient Armenia rich grape ripens. You face a legend which tells about Noah who come down Ararat and planted the first grape sprout into the ground washed by the waters of the Deluge. The archaeologists proved that wine-making was spread in Armenia even in IX-XI centuries B.C. Wine-makers passed the secrets of their mastery on from one generation to another. Modern wine-makers uncover their secrets of making this miraculous beverage which was sung even in Bible as a gift come from the history depths.

Modern technologies allow getting worthy cognac brands of the fragrant Armenian wine. Real connoisseurs of this beverage note that seasoned Armenian cognacs are inferior to none of more promoted French ones.

“What shall I do?” you will ask. Should I go to Armenia? In Kharkov, in an ordinary shop and in an expensive restaurant it is very difficult to find real Armenian wine, cognac or to try real Armenian kebab. If you pay big money you do not have a guarantee that you get not an imitation. Of course, there is a way out. And you should not go far away. You can just visit a tandoor house “ARMENiA” and get everything you wish home or office-delivered. That is why there is a kebab shop in Kharkov from the tandoor house “ARMENiA”. We cook the realest Armenian kebab; we also have got a wide variety of wine and cognacs delivered from Armenia. We have got everything REAL!

Getting your order you will feel you appear in wonderful sunlit Armenia. Kebab and wine shop in Kharkov from the tandoor house “ARMENiA” will present you a part of the national Armenian wonder!