Tandoor house ARMENiA offers a wide variety of national dishes. You can always buy fresh meat, different kinds of Armenian cheese, snacks and pickling in our house.

We cook the realest Armenian kebab. Also we offer a wide variety of wine delivered from Armenia.

If you are looking for the real Armenian cuisine in Kharkov you are being waited in a tandoor house “ARMANiA”!

Our address is: Kharkov, 23 Avgusta str. 31 (next to a supermarket “Billa”)

Recent news

31 March, 2012

“Chanakh” cheese

“Chanakh” cheese is a typical kind of cheese soaked in pots “chans” filled up with pickle. It is spicy, salt, solid and brittle a little.

31 March, 2012

Pork brisket kebab (chalagadzh)

100 g
81,00 грн