Kebab shop (delivery around Kharkov)

Real Armenian kebab can be bought in our shop or ordered to your house.

Shish kebab is the most favourite dish for many people. It can be explained by its really ancient origin. People learnt to treat food thermally as long ago as at the dawn of civilization. Undoubtedly, the first dish was roast meat. Therefore, we can refer love to kebab to genetic memory.

Kebab cooking principle is single for all people but a technology and ingredients have their own peculiarities. The Armenian kebab is known all over the World. What is its secret? Special ingredients and unsurpassed cooking technology? Probably because of Armenian people’s love and respect to this dish. Cooking kebab these people put their love in it. Certainly, the whole passion and centuries-old wisdom of these people are put into kebab.

Those who tried such kebab for sure compare it with others: “Yes, kebab is good, but I tried a real Armenian kebab! Here it is…”. Those who did not try want to do it. You have such an opportunity and you do not have to go to another country. Now a real Armenian kebab is in Kharkov in tandoor house “ARMENiA”.

You can also buy a real Armenian kebab in our shop. You can face its variety and magnificence. You have to go nowhere. What a holiday is it when someone in your company says: “I am going to buy kebab” and disappears for an hour and all are waiting for him. Our shop will deliver kebab around Kharkov to its any spot virtually instantly. It will be served up to your table – hot, fragrant, smoked – a real Armenian kebab from tandoor house “ARMENiA”.