Armenian cuisine

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The Armenian cuisine is the most ancient one in Transcaucasia and Asia. Its character and traditions were assembled many centuries before Christ. A lot of traditional Armenian methods of cooking different dishes as well as kinds of special crockery were adopted by neighbor people – Azerbaijanis and Georgians, Turkish and Persians, and even ancient Byzantines. Thousand-year-old technologies of cooking dishes of the Armenian cuisine are difficult and rather labor-intensive.

Armenian meat dishes are famous all over the world. Who does not know the most delicious pilaf and kebab are Armenian ones. One of key dishes of this cuisine is lavash. It is baked on the sides of clay round hearth – tandoor.

The Armenian cuisine is notable for difficult fragrant and gustatory gamma. It is used different methods of food heat treatment in it. One and the same dish can be stewed, fried and boiled. A lot of spices are used: mint, cilantro, black pepper, tarragon, onion and garlic, basil, thyme, cardamom, saffron, vanilla, etc.

The Armenian cuisine is notable for its cooking method which supposes separate operations on cooking of separate parts of dishes and then connection in a single unit.

Armenian sweets are unsurpassed. There are nowhere such difficult and labor-intensive cooking technologies like in Armenian cuisine. The result is divine. The Armenian wine is also a masterpiece. Such special grape sorts like Muscadine, Cabernet, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Areni, Akhtanak and seedless grapes, ancient cooking technologies and a wonderful Armenian sun make the Armenian wine unsurpassed.

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